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Caps is the plural of the word "cap"; see cap (disambiguation). "Caps" may also refer to: Caps - a political faction in Sweden, during the 18th century. Capital letters (for example, in " Caps Lock key"). Washington Capitals - an NHL hockey team.
See also CAPS, for uses of "CAPS" as an initialism.


Esmu jauks un lloti atraktiivs... man patiik puust ziepju burbuliissus... =] un veel man patiik lloti juurinna [ tas man ir lloti miillss laiku pavadiitaajs!]... man patiik braukt ar snovbordu kopaa ar draugiem [ tas ir jautri- iesaku iemaaciities braukt ar snovbordu :) ]... man patiik visas rozaa un lilaa lietinnas :) ar maniim gandriiz nav nekad garlaiciigi... esmu skaljsh un jautrs =] & man patiik lloti lietus, tad es skrienu laukaa un skraidu... man dikti, dikti patiik lietutinnss un tai skaitaa arii zibens un peerkons tas ir kautkas vienreizeeji skaisti un biki biedeejoss, bet tas kaa kuru reiziiti, bet citaadi tas ir forssi =] aaa... un man lloti, lloti, lloti patiik samidiit =] jaaa un veel man patiik, ka man kutina peedas tas ir dikti jautri... =]


G6Flash and DS PassKey Review
Installation - of the card on PC / Mac
U-Disk Manager - setup and run
Write NDS roms to G6 - Flashing Rom
MultiMedia Card specs - 4in1 media
Maintenance - tools and utilities
G6 NDS Roms Menu - on Nintendo DS
G6flash DoFAT RAM - special patch tool for fast load roms and multiple save games

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Par mani: Aizraujos ar kimiju un kompju lauzšanu. Dievinu smagu muziku un pavadit laiku kopa ar draugiem.

Svars 74kg, augums 182cm (102.5kg -spieš., 140kg-piet., 165kg t.)


These larger projects will likely benefit from simulation, prototyping, or pilot testing as part of the design to ensure you\'ve made the right choices and the requirements are fully realizable.

In a typical SSL installation, the server maintains credentials so that clients can authenticate the server. In addition to presenting a certificate at connection time, the server also maintains a private key, which is necessary for establishing that the server presenting a certificate is actually presenting its own certificate. Cryptographic-acceleration cards will generally store the key in hardware, making it unavailable to the actual computer. After you have a firm set of requirements, focus on design. This determines how you\'re going to satisfy requirements with least cost. The design should fully describe what components and configurations are necessary to satisfy the gbc roms


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